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Hardware & Networking training alone can get you a job, but to rise in your career you need to combine Hardware & Networking training with training for international certifications offered by the worlds leading IT companies like Cisco, Microsoft, RedHat, CheckPoint, etc.

Our packaged courses combine training for basic hardware & networking with several emerging technologies and international certifications.
This gives participants an edge in their career prospects.

We ensure a very high quality level by employing only the best faculties (trainers) and investing heavily in modern equipment & in constantly updating each trainer to ensure that participants are taught the latest technologies and nothing is left out due to lack of resources. Our trainers are subject matter experts & have extensive industry and teaching experience. We have multiple CCIE certified trainers apart from several trainers who are certified in the associate & professional level certifications in Cisco track, MCITP, CCSA, etc.

Students from many different countries (United States of America [USA], Great Britan [UK], Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, Israel, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc.) come to IPsolutions for all their networking training requirements.

Details of Our Packaged Courses are given below. Carefully go through the contents and see how much more we offer than any other hardware & networking institute!

IPsolutions Complete Networking Expert Program (ICNE)
The world’s most advanced networking program!

ICNE e-brochure
This is a truly unique program that starts at the basics to build your foundations and then rapidly moves beyond that to cover training for several international certifications including the highly demanded certifications at the professional level in internetworking and training in computer and network security including ethical hacking & counter-measures techniques.
It then goes on to offer the optional modules of Cisco’s Expert Level Track regarded by many as the PHD of Networking: The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Program.

Rs. 1,20,000/- Lumpsum
Rs. 1,45,000/- In installments
Duration: Approx 24 months (part-time mode) / 6 months (full-time mode)


IPsolutions Certified Network Specialist (ICNS) v2.1.doc
ICNS e-brochure
Rs. 33,000/- Lumpsum
Rs. 37,000/- In installments
Duration: Approx 12 months (part-time mode) / 3-5 months (full-time mode)


IPsolutions Certified Network Technician (ICNT) v2.1.doc
ICNT e-brochure
Rs. 19,500/- Lumpsum
Rs. 22,500/- In installments
Duration: Approx 6 months (part-time mode) / 2-3 months (full-time mode)

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