CCIE Certification Training in Mumbai

CCIE training: For the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam

Intensive 8 week CCIE format better suited teach you all you need for the current version of CCIE lab exam.

Pass the CCIE Lab in your first attempt!
We are also not in the pure numbers game. A majority of our students have passed on their first attempt. We dont know of anyone who needed more than 2 attempts. We believe we do a much better job training fewer people for CCIE and nurturing their study and preparation till they clear the exams than just training people in bulk and having larger numbers (but much poorer passing ratios) who pass.

CCIE Routing and Switching 8 weeks program highlights:

More than just a boot camp – we call it the CCIE incubator!

Offered in full day mode in 8 weeks format (OR as a customised one to one training based on your schedules and desired course duration).
A 8 week intensive course goes a long way in getting candidates ready & we allow practice on our equipment post-training. We are often able to judge the candidates readiness for the exam and if you give us & yourself enough time for thorough preparation, we believe you should be able to pass the exam on your first attempt.
We offer FAR more than just any CCIE bootcamp offered elsewhere in India. Our strong commitment to post program support right upto the point where the participant gets his CCIE number is also an attractive reason to choose us for your training needs.

Just some of the highlights of our CCIE R&S Lab training:

  • TRIPLE CCIE faculty: Training is led by TRIPLE CCIE Javed Khan. He is a CCIE in R&S ,SP & Security tracks. This also means that areas like QoS , BGP & MPLS as well as Security which are very important and difficult areas in the lab are taught to you by an expert in those topics, since those are topics that the SP track focuses in far more detail than the R&S track.
    He has extensive experience in training students to become a true internetwork expert… passing the CCIE lab exam exam should come naturally when you are an expert!
  • Multiple CCIE racks: Dedicated rack for every participant for the entire duration of the course.
  • Intensive programs (8 weeks) that cover several individual protocol labs and multi protocol full day labs.
  • We believe in providing individual attention, not training in bulk. This results in a far higher percentage of people who pass after our training in their 1st attempt. We don’t know of anyone who has taken more than 2 attempts to pass. This is something we believe we alone can claim.
  • Based on participant feedback, we have understood that a 100% labs approach is most helpful for CCIE training. However, we cover concepts involving areas of difficulties for majority of participants as well as those not covered in depth at CCNP level: BGP, QoS, MPLS
  • Unlike other institutes where your CCIE trainer will teach you some days of theory and leave you by yourself when you do the labs, our trainers are always available for the entire duration of the course. We help you understand why you are not getting the desired results in a lab, teach you to troubleshoot problems and show you how to increase your pace so that you can solve complex labs within an 8 hour time-frame.
  • Post program support: It is our endeavor that each of our CCIE (lab) training participant passes their CCIE lab exam. An 8week intensive course goes a long way in getting candidates ready & we allow practice on our equipment post-training. We are often able to judge the candidates readiness for the exam and if you give us & yourself enough time for thorough preparation, we believe you should be able to pass the exam on your first attempt.
  • We offer more than just a bootcamp. Our strong commitment to post program support right upto the point where the participant gets his CCIE number is probably the most attractive reason to choose us for your training needs.Our equipments is made available to past participants who are yet to clear their exams for their practice which they can use at night times. Working with others who have also undertaken training with us forms a strong study group & support group & is of great value to each participant. This support group is of immense value to our course participants. To give a few examples, it considerably reduces the time you would take to solve any problem you are stuck with when you have somebody who has been through it before to explain you how to solve it & why its solved in a certain way.Having a group is also helps a lot when it comes to sharing resources.

If you live in India, don’t just take our word for it – come and visit us, see our institute, our infrasturcture, meet our trainers and then decide!
The small amount of time you spend to do this before joining any institute will save you several months of time in terms of how soon you will be ready for the CCIE lab exam!

Every participant is provided a dedicated POD based on Cisco 360 topology for himself for the entire 4 weeks duration of the course.



The CCIE incubator program (regular training) consists of 8 weeks of rigorous training.

The first 4 weeks is focused on technology specific CCIE lab foundations training.
This is largely hands-on and you will learn the technologies while solving the technology focused lab scenarios. This training helps you understand the technologies one by one and makes you ready for the next 4 weeks of training where you will learn to implement all of these technologies in multi-protocol full-day labs.

Remaining 4 weeks comprise of guided full-day multi-protocol CCIE lab scenarios, trouble tickets and CCIE mock labs.

The full day CCIE labs are complicated scenarios, each covering the concepts and Cisco’s publicly declared objectives of the lab exam. The lab topology as well as the scenario structures are similar to what you can expect to find in the lab exam and modeled based on the latest CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam.

This training is FAR more than a bootcamp. The training has been constantly evolving from the time we started it.
We believe we have put together a brilliant training program which is possibly one of its kinds in the world.

You cannot but underestimate how much you will learn in through our nearly 100% hands-on approach & under constant guidance from our CCIE trainer who is a specialist in this field. The combination of this thoughtfully created program & the trainer’s commitment towards every participant and passion for imparting knowledge has translated into such a high pass rate amongst participants.

The course is formally a 10am -6pm training (Mon-Fri) but participants should be prepared for spending as many as 12 hours a day in the labs from Mon-Fri with optional self practice on Saturday. At every step, the course exposes each participant’s strengths and weaknesses & and based on this, they are encouraged to do their reading atleast for a couple of hours everyday on weekdays and as much as they can on weekends.

Each participant will have a dedicated pods for the entire duration weeks of the course.
Discounted pricing is possible for participants who are ready to share a POD during the training (Max 2 students per POD).

Information about false propoganda against IPsolutions:
We have recently come across false propoganda by our competitors. If you have been given some negative information about us, we suggest you cross check with us. Several of our past CCIEs are more than willing to share their experiences and offer advice. We would be happy to provide references if you need!

Congratulations to the CCIEs who have been trained & mentored by us. Your name can be here too!

Shameem Ahamad CCIE # 38251
Mahesh Panditrao Mali CCIE # 38224
Sidhartha Lele   CCIE # 37696
Mayur Patel CCIE # 36865
Pratik Gandhi CCIE # 36864
Steve Como CCIE # 36574
Satbir Kumar CCIE # 36042
Nitin R Shettigar CCIE(R&S) #34989
Oparanozie Alexander CCIE #35159 (Sec)
Yogesh Choudhary CCIE # 34055
Md. Rashid Razi Ahmed CCIE # 27616
Vijay Ramasundaram CCIE # 25351

Ighovwerha Doghudje CCIE #24659

John Jacob CCIE (R&S) # 19213 DUAL CCIE: Routing & Switching, Service Provider
Ronak Maniar (CCIE # 24032)  DUAL CCIE: Routing & Switching, Security
Ojo Joshua (CCIE # 23330)
Shahid Ansari (CCIE# 20017)
Fawaz Habeeb (CCIE # 19572)
Sarfaraz Syed (CCIE # 19528)
Walter Mavely (CCIE # 18754)
Stamati Panagiotaras (CCIE #17823)
Winston Thomas (CCIE# 17629)
Mahmoud Abd Elbadea Marzouk (CCIE# 17423)
Vinayak Khule (CCIE# 17246)
Ryan McKinney (CCIE # 17074)
Hemant Nadkarni (CCIE # 16917)
Zaheed Kuthubdeen (CCIE # 16800)
Hardik Lodhia (CCIE # 16772)
Christopher (Chukwudi Ugwu) (CCIE # 16352)
Shashank Rawale (CCIE #16017)
Javed Khan (CCIE # 15427) TRIPLE CCIE: Routing & Switching, Service Provider & Security
Parag Jagtap (CCIE # 15210)

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