Ethical Hacking training: EC Council CEH Certification Boot Camp – CEH v10

Boot camp overview

Get your CEH

Identify weaknesses before hackers do. Our most popular Hacking Certification Boot Camp CEH v10 is full of in-depth security and hacking training techniques used by malicious, black-hat hackers.

In this CEH training, you will get a full grip on the tools and techniques used by cybercriminals to execute white-hat, ethical hack on organizations. You will learn all the methodologies of hacking experiences in our cloud-hosted cyber range, including surveillance, gaining access to systems, exploiting vulnerabilities, and infiltrating data.

You will experience and gain a full hand on quantitatively assess and measurement of threats to information assets. You will also be able to track down where your organization could be defenseless to hacking. With our CEH experts you will get a chance to perform learned things in real world by defending and attaching different systems. By performing these practices all students will learn what steps can be taken to secure a system. All students will also be able to learn Buffer Overflows, Policy Creation, Intrusion Detection, Social Engineering, Virus Creation, and DDoS Attacks etc.

Ethical Hacking training EC Council CEH Certification Boot Camp – CEH v10
  • Complete understanding of Windows Operating System
  • Linux Operating System or other Unix-based operating systems
  • The grip of TCP/IP protocols
Hands-on labs

There are hundreds of exercises in 20 hand-on separate labs to speed you up to identify the latest threats, for your organization could be defenseless. Our virtualized environment with practice and penetration testing simulates a complete range of services and servers used in any company. In our CEH training camp, with lab exercises you will get a chance to practice your hacking skills in a real-world environment.